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Product "Unflappable." Emotional Strength & Resiliency Course

Emotional Strength and Resiliency for Peak Performance. For non-equestrians including parents of riders as well as non-questrian who want leadership training for their careers or coaching for transitioing through various life stages and events.

Feeling stuck or struggling with the rabbit holes in your personal life or with your career? Dealing with trauma? Feeling lost and depressed? Get back on track in your personal and professional life with training to learn how to develop and maintain inner strength, resiliency, joy and peak performance no matter iwhat is going on in your personal world as well as the outside world.

Learn the basics NOW with this proven, groundbreaking personal and professonal career training, based upon the most cutting edge developments in neuroscience and behavioral change, on how to change bad habits and overcome adversity. Inclues basic training in nutrition and fitness as well as in relationships and communication styles. Private, one-on-one phone coaching 

Ready to just jump all in and become empowered? This course is for everyone ... NON-riders, professionals, parents, kids, and young adults. This gives you the basics for showing up as an empowered leader in all areas of your life. It also includes how to use these techniques with your relationships, physical health, and fitness. Yes, we get it all done!

Commit to being 
ALL IN to become an unflappable Rockstar with a rock solid foundation! 

This course includes private and customized one-on-one phone coaching with strategic interventionist and mental skills coach, Nancy Dye with optional hours of multi-media training to support each learning step.

Rock this new economic challenge and transform your life, personally and professionally, with lasting results by building rock solid Emotional Strength & Resiliency for ALL areas of your life.

This course is from the proven phone coaching program with the exact step-by-step process Nancy created that has revolutionized peak performance mental skills training.

This package is geared for addressing the challenges of the current adversities inherent in this fluid economic market place or for anyone wanting to become empowered and resilient regardless of the adversitiy in their life.

18 private 1:1 coaching sessions, videos, and audios to figure out your own puzzle and to rewire your brain, put into action (and expand upon), and reinforce everything you learn during the one-on-one private phone coaching.

Military and law enforcement, current or past, or medical and essential workers who have lost their jobs, please email me for special pricing!

Group coaching calls can also be put together for training your whole team. Contact me for pricing.

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