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Equestrian Rockstar Bootcamp; The Ultimate Coaching for Peak Performance

Strategic interventions, emotional strength and resiliency training, and peak performance equestrian mental skills coaching for riders and trainers who are or want to be competitive. 

This elite, V.I.P. concierge mental skills coaching program includes world class, one-on-one phone coaching sessions along with strategic interventions as needed and 24/7 access to me through email, text or additional short, 15 minute calls as needed.

Peak performance mental skills coaching will also be applied to a rider's personal and professional life as all these things will affect their performance in the ring.

Trainers signing up for the trainer's version of the program will be to learn how to figure out their client and the most effective tools for making them be the best they can be as well as to work on their own performance in the ring. They will also learn effective communication, leadership training, and business building and promotion.

This package is customized to the client. it includes my book and audios with stories and cases studies of actual transformations and how to use the tools and techniques.

The package of sessions includes multi-media along with powerful one-on-one phone coaching sessions with me where we will discover together and solve the puzzle of what's tripping you up or holding you back while providing the materials for you to lean the basic solutions for jumping over those issues and transforming your riding and your life! 

Circuit coaching includes "Monday morning quarterbacking" from your weekend events, strategic planning for upcoming classes and shows, the ability to reach out at anytime, coaching for your personal life (which will affect your riding), and whatever else it takes for peak performance! 

Coaching program for both riders and trainers can also be customized to work on nutrition, fitness, communication styles, and relationship skills.

After clicking here, each client will be sent an appointment for a free consult to discuss a client's goals and issues so a program can be customized for them and the cost determined. 

0.00 USD

"Unflappable." Emotional Strength & Resiliency Course

Emotional Strength and Resiliency for Peak Performance. For non-equestrians including parents of riders as well as non-questrian who want leadership training for their careers or coaching for transitioing through various life stages and events.

Feeling stuck or struggling with the rabbit holes in your personal life or with your career? Dealing with trauma? Feeling lost and depressed? Get back on track in your personal and professional life with training to learn how to develop and maintain inner strength, resiliency, joy and peak performance no matter iwhat is going on in your personal world as well as the outside world.

Learn the basics NOW with this proven, groundbreaking personal and professonal career training, based upon the most cutting edge developments in neuroscience and behavioral change, on how to change bad habits and overcome adversity. Inclues basic training in nutrition and fitness as well as in relationships and communication styles. Private, one-on-one phone coaching 

Ready to just jump all in and become empowered? This course is for everyone ... NON-riders, professionals, parents, kids, and young adults. This gives you the basics for showing up as an empowered leader in all areas of your life. It also includes how to use these techniques with your relationships, physical health, and fitness. Yes, we get it all done!

Commit to being 
ALL IN to become an unflappable Rockstar with a rock solid foundation! 

This course includes private and customized one-on-one phone coaching with strategic interventionist and mental skills coach, Nancy Dye with optional hours of multi-media training to support each learning step.

Rock this new economic challenge and transform your life, personally and professionally, with lasting results by building rock solid Emotional Strength & Resiliency for ALL areas of your life.

This course is from the proven phone coaching program with the exact step-by-step process Nancy created that has revolutionized peak performance mental skills training.

This package is geared for addressing the challenges of the current adversities inherent in this fluid economic market place or for anyone wanting to become empowered and resilient regardless of the adversitiy in their life.

18 private 1:1 coaching sessions, videos, and audios to figure out your own puzzle and to rewire your brain, put into action (and expand upon), and reinforce everything you learn during the one-on-one private phone coaching.

Military and law enforcement, current or past, or medical and essential workers who have lost their jobs, please email me for special pricing!

Group coaching calls can also be put together for training your whole team. Contact me for pricing.

5400.00 USD

Team Teleseminar Coaching

VIP Team Membership Coaching:

1. Invest in your team! ($200 per month for each rider. Minimum 10 riders. Annual contract for up to 25 sessions. Trainer gets coaching for free.)

Bi-weekly group teleseminars for reviewing your competitions, learning new techniques and strategies, and performing strategic interventions.

2. Each rider gets access to my book Equestrian Rockstars: Solving Your Puzzle for Riding With Confidence and Joy! The Ultimate Guide for equestrians to ride with peak performance through my emotional strength and resiliency program which includes learning my process for the rider transformation.

3. Everyone receives "behind the scenes" actual case studies of powerful strategic interventions on audio, videos, and articles. New ones uploaded each month on team's portal.

4. See how I turn around a large variety of issues and problems that equestrians of all ages and levels have with their riding and their life! 

5. Trainer's private coaching calls. Get help for particular riders that are having issues.

6. Team portal on my website where articles, videos, and documents will be uploaded. Notes from teleseminar group coaching will be uploaded weekly.

2400.00 USD
split into 12 payments of 200.00 USD every 30 days

Strategic Intervention & Private Coaching Session

Package of 4, private one-on-one phone consultations, 60-90 minutes each, with Nancy Dye.

These sessions can be used whenever and never expire.

Packages may be purchased once or a recurring month to month with abiity to cancel . 

For riders/trainers ONLY that have already completed my basic mental skills bootcamp program. 

(Note that my prices for my bootcamp has gone up, however, you will receive coaching at the old price.)

Purchase here, and I will email to you my calendar for booking your first of the four sessions.

800.00 USD

Book: What Drives You

PDF download. Introduction and outline to my coaching program. Learn the 10 Reasons Why You're Stuck and How to Jump Over it. This will show what is driving your thoughts and behaviors. It is different for everyone. Solve your puzzle!

5.00 USD

Books, Audios, & Future Coaching Notes Bundle

Price includes one downloadable report plus other bonuses;

1. Short book with overview outline called What Drives You:  Top 10 Reasons You're Stuck.

2. My book, "Equestrian Rockstars: Solving Your Puzzle of Riding With Confidence and Joy" is the Ultimate Mental Skills for Peak Performance in Your Riding and Your Life Through Emotional Strength, Resilience, and Identity Transformation. This is available and included in the purchase price of my customized coaching program only. 

3. Price includes receiving additional coaching notes and/or "from the field" case study audios and newsletters for a year.

0.00 USD

Equestrian Rockstars; Solving Your Puzzle of Riding With Confidence and Joy

Book is included in the purchase of my Equestrian Rockstar Peak Performance Mental Skills Coaching Bootcamp. Click here to receive a free consult with me to explore peak performance coaching. Trained in the neuroscience of behavioral change and mental skills coaching by Tony Robbins, the book is my famous cutting edge strategic intervention program that I designed for riders that has revolutionized the equestrian industry. The book is 270+ pages that includes a large variety of the most common issues for hunters/jumpers/eventers and dressage riders. 

You will immediately receive a thank you page confirming your order for a free consult, and if you then decide to purchase the coaching package,  you will receive a link for where to download the digital version of the book. You will also receive a link and then follow-up emails with some audios I recorded. The paperback copy of the book will be mailed to you via snail mail after beginning the coaching program. 

If you would like to just purchase a signed copy now, text me at 561-866-0402 with your name and address, and I will ship one out to you. The cost is $26.95 with tax. Includes shipping and handling. I will send you directions to Zelle me the funds. 

Learn cutting edge techniques and strategies to transform your riding and your life for lasting change. In addition to taking you through the process, this book includes a lot of stories from "behind the scenes" of actual clients with many of the basic and also very challenging issues with their riding; with their mental games, their trainers, their horses, the financial issues, pressures from parents and spouses, injuries, etc.

This book shows you not only how to use various techniques and strategies to solve these issues for peak performance in your riding, but also to change your life using my unique and powerful system of Identity Transformation; shifting your identity, stories, beliefs, self-talk, values, and rules. 

Ready to transform NOW? Sign up for my one-on-one coaching program. 

0.00 USD

Equestrian Rockstar Competition Shirt

Long sleeve shirt designed by Kate Egan for Nancy Dye's Equestrian Rockstar brand! 

Shirt has Equestrian Rockstar logo on chest as well as the back, but may be monogrammed at buyer's request for an extra charge. 

Shirt was custom made by Equestrian Team Apparel. 

More color combinations can be custom ordered. 

120.00 USD

Kate Egan Designed Belt

This is a Kate Egan designed belt for my Equestrian Rockstar brand.

Kate Egan is a junior rider and my Equestrian Rockstar Brand Ambassador, The belt is custom handmade by my Equestrian Rockstar, Amanda Smith Hood, owner of Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks. Price includes taxes and shipping. You may pay here or Zelle me at 

My phone number is 561-866-0402. 

The only riders eligible to purchase and wear this belt are the ones who have successfully graduated from my peak performance mental skills bootcamp, if they are an official or unoffical "working royal" brand ambassador or if they are a current client who is meeting their monthly goals and/or is already rocking it in the ring. 

Not sure you qualify? Text me, and I will let you know.

After clicking here and purchasing, I will be notified and will contact you to find out the size and shipping address you want. Child sizes are available as well. 

Adult sizes: XS (fits 30"- 34" waist/hips),  S (32"-36"), M (36"-40"), L (40"-44"), EL (44"-48")

Coming soon; Kate is currently designing a Charles Anconoa show jacket. 

175.00 USD

Bonnet Non-Bling

Kate Egan designed bonnet for your "Equestrian Rockstar" horse! Handmade by Equstar, this is a top quality bonnet with a perfect fit. Design includes a slight shimmering black yard, black crystals , and a small red star on one of the ears. . 

Eligible riders includes anyone in my Equestrian Rockstar coaching program  (riders or trainers) or equestrians that have done my coaching program in the past. 

Zelle me at (also under my phone number; (561)- 866-0402 to purchase and give me the address that you will want it to be shipped to. 

Bling version coming soon! 

Additional charge for shipping depending upon where and how fast you want it! 

325.00 USD

Equestrian Charms, Pins, and Necklaces

We are all about the pearls and stars!

And owning our new identity as a confident Equestrian Rockstar!

Star pearl charms, pearl charms, and Equestrian Rockstar number pins! 

Choose from real necklaces made by Susan Shaw! 

These gifts may be purchased by my past, current or future clients! 

Prices on my website! Contact me for ordering and to give me delivery options!  

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