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For riders who had tried all the other sports psychologists in our equestrian industry, and still didn't receive the consistent results that they wanted in their riding, Nancy Dye has been the best kept secret and GAME CHANGER flying under the radar in this industry while quietly turning around and transitioning riders at all levels of the sport. 

She has been their "edge" and secret weapon for beating out their competitors in the show ring!

Nancy Dye is THE creator of the new, cutting edge, and amazingly powerful strategies and techniques for equestrians that she designed from her intensive, strategic intervention coach training by Tony Robbins along with her experience from her own transformation and over 30 years of coaching people. 


Nancy's husband is a former Olympian gymnast. He is inducted into 4 athletic Hall of Fames and has trained thousands of athletes. They did a clinic together for years called, "Olympic Goals and Golds", and she will be sharing with you his secrets for peak performance (even if you don't believe in yourself). Olympians ... they just go through life differently from the rest of us. 



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How to transition through their “old rider" identities into their future, more successful self-identity.

How to change dis-empowering beliefs and self-sabotaging habits. 

How to find our what is causing the anxiety and other negative emotions and how to “ride through the fear” anyway (in all areas of their life),

How to direct and manage their energy and how to focus during their competitions (to relax as well as to "ramp up" as needed).

How to find their own unique leverage that moves them forward into action in all areas of their lives so that they can consistently take action in the right direction. 

How to change their emotional “state” at a snap of a finger.

Why they get into a disempowered and unresourceful state to being with and how to change that (once and for all)! 

How to quickly build real, unflappable emotional strength.

How to become resilient instead of beating yourself up or quitting.

How to show up empowered and focused on a consistent basis.

How to stop allowing other people to get in your head and push your buttons. (And stop comparing yourself to your top competitors!)

How to transform limiting beliefs that are keeping you trapped.

How to uncover obstacles that are sabotaging your riding (and how to fix that.)

How to repair and grow those supportive relationships in your life!

How to reduce drama in yourself or your barn.

How to re-channel fear and show nerves.

How to believe in yourself even when you don’t believe!

How to become more accurate and improve your timing.

How to develop better “gut instincts” and decision making skills on course.

How to eliminate distractions with laser focus.

How to let go of those excuses, once and for all!

How to transition from your old identity as a rider to your new identity. 

What is driving your thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you stuck (and how to turn it around even if you’ve tried everything).

How to break ANY bad habit and how to re-wire your brain for new habits of performance in riding and in your life.

And much more!


(Photo of and quote above by eventer, Louis Rogers, who trains with Silver Olympic Medalist, Kim Severson.) 



"We don't get our goals. We get our identity." This is a quote by Tony Robbins. 

So for example, if you see yourself as a loser, that's the reality you will create. Conversely, if you see yourself as a winner, THAT is the reality that you will create. 

First, we have to shift the rider's identity! Only then will all the other elements and techniques and strategies work. For an example of how this works, click here

Nancy's program will lead you through the transition, step-by-step, from your current core identity about yourself as "an amateur rider with dreams" to a new set of core beliefs that match your new future "story" of actually being an elite, professional rider!

Your Story:

The bootcamp coaching program is where you can learn what "story" you are showing up with in life that causes you to think and perform the way you do. What is a story? It is the excuse, reason or past history that they use for why they are where they are and not where they want to be.

So for example, riders who are not being effective with their horses, it could be because they are not showing up as leaders for their mounts. Why would that be? Well, as I dive in and do a quick tour of their past, I usually find they have a "story," excuse or past history that is keeping them stuck. 

So, someone that comes from a background or experience of maybe being a victim of someone else's emotional abuse or over-controlling parents, they would then show up to their riding like a dis-empowered victim. The same outcome might be true for a rider who experienced the death of a parent at an early age.

Pattern Interrupts: 

What is that? This is a technique for when a rider gets into any emotional or behavioral pattern. This is similar to a half-halt you do when you are riding, but instead you perform it in your own head and then you change YOUR own lead.

It is THE fast and effective way to shift from one thing you are focusing on in your head to another focus that will serve you better.

What do you say or do exactly? That totally depends upon the unique individual that I am working with. No, there is not a standard one that always work for everyone. 

I will also create effective "emotional pattern interrupts" for each coaching client so they can then apply the powerful techniques and strategies that I have custom created for them to solve those riding issues.

Limiting beliefs. 

Limiting beliefs are things we believe or think about that are holding us back. Note that I said "holding us back" and not "that aren't true." 

It may very well be that your limiting belief really is true or reality, but continuing to believe it will just keep you in that reality. For example, a rider might believe that they can't win a particular class.

Now the truth may be that they never have won in that particular class, and it may also be that there are more experienced riders that she has to compete with, but all of these things have nothing to do with what belief you should show up with and adopt and own! 

The runner who broke the world record for the fastest human is the perfect example of this.

The "truth" and "science" all pointed to the fact that a human could not run faster than the highest speed thus far recorded. However, one man decided to tell himself he could beat that record, and guess what happened? He did it! 

Uncovering limiting beliefs that are lurking subconsciously in our brain is a talent and a skill that Nancy specializes in. 

We can tell ourselves lots of positive affirmations, but if it doesn't match our beliefs, we will only create the realities that will match our beliefs. 


OK, so most people know to write and read positive affirmations, but the answer really isn't that simple. 

I had a client that had read this sentence over and over to herself for YEARS, and only until she coached with me did we discover that those words were actually shutting her down! 

Yup, a positive sentence like, "I feel excited about showing." How could that possible shut someone down? Well, after working with her for a while, I found out that she was raised to NOT see the word exciting as something positive. What?

Yup, she was raised in New England by a family with an "over the top" work ethic. They actually discouraged anything that had to do with joy. Her parents valued, instead, being serious and working hard. Being "excited" was considered being "frivolous" which they also didn't value very highly. 

So this is a great example of a rider psyching herself out without even knowing it. 

The answer is not just positive affirmations. I had to use my training as a strategic interventionist to put together all the pieces of her puzzle, her story, her past, etc. to discover what self-talk would work to move her forward instead of shutting her down! 

Mindset; Change Your "State." 

At the snap of a finger! These are the 4 simple techniques that empowered Nancy to "walk on fire' along with 9,000 other people from around the world!

How do you instantly shift to change your "state" emotionally and to ramp up or calm down your nervous system; in other words, riding through the fear and competition pressure with focused nerves of steel?

The BEST answer to that question is to know what works best for that particular rider that will work CONSISTENTLY instead of using a temporary bandage and hoping for the best.

Mixed Neuro-Associations:

This where I discover, unwrap and and then reroute crossed wires in a rider's brain. For example, a rider that thinks that the more they "do" on the horse (constantly adjusting their hands, legs, and seat etc.) while riding down the line to a jump, the more control and success they will have. 

However, this is a mixed neuro-association because the opposite is true.

The quieter an equestrian rides, the less distracted the horse becomes and therefore both the rider and horse can maintain better focus while riding down the line. And this will produce a more successful outcome. 

That's the obvious one, but I uncover and give to the rider their ENTIRE playbook of ALL these mixed associations,

Christi Israel, Grand Prix Rider and Owner of Byron HIl Show Jumpers Farm in Ocala, Fl

"I use to worry about triple combinations, coming out of corners, and even blanking out after I made a few mistakes. And now I just won Reserve Champion Grand Prix for the circuit! Nancy Dye is the BEST of the best!"

Changing Bad Habits:

It's not just bad habits in riding that need to change, like not keeping our eyes up or always knocking a rail down on the first jump on the course, riders also need to change bad habits in their personal life as well.

This would include things that also affect our riding like always being late, disorganized, poor eating habits, not being able to consistently get to the gym, etc. 

I started my coaching in the field of alcohol and drug addiction, and I finally cracked the code for changing real tough bad habits to includes addiction to chemicals.

There are simple and proven techniques and strategies for not only stopping the bad habit, but also rewiring the brain to learn and to practice new habits in the neuro-pathways of the brain.

Inner Strength and Resiliency:

Inner strength refers to being able to manage and shift a rider's emotions. This starts with managing our thoughts. There are 4 very simple steps for doing this.

Resilience training is learning the steps for bouncing back. We all make mistakes when we ride. Sports is ALL ABOUT lots of setbacks and failures.

But Nancy teaches riders how to actually embrace all of that and use it to their advantage.

Inner strength is about learning those techniques for overcoming fear or any uncertainty in your life and to know that you can always control ANY your emotions and/or manage whatever outcome comes your way.


There are specific techniques for overcoming adversity, including re-framing events, changing the word to change the meaning, etc. Basically, it is a process of changing of perceptions and embracing the "negative" learning opportunities of life. 

People usually know that they "say the wrong things" to themselves in their head or that they are being rattled by negative emotions, but the question is, how does THAT UNIQUE person manage that? Because for some people, one thing will work well. And then for another, several things won't work well. T

his is the puzzle that Nancy figures out for the rider.

When Nancy had her own radio show, "Triumphs of the Human Spirit," she interviewed a long list of people, including public figures, that had overcome amazing adversities. She found out why some of us succeed in changing our lives while others do not; why some people give up after they fall or fail versus other people who take those same events and rechannel the negativity to overcome their adversity.


Great, you know the techniques and strategies, but how do you apply them? If you don't know the REAL KEY how to motivate yourself to apply techniques and/or to execute all that you have learned, what good is it?

An example of fine tuning your leverage is this; a rider that is under performing and when I asked them what is driving their need to succeed, they tell me it is to get a blue ribbon. Well, if you not performing at your best, then maybe that leverage is not working for you. 

What other leverages would help this rider to really be motivated to do whatever it takes to become more successful? This is an answer that can only be revealed AFTER we have peeled back the layers of the rider to discover who they are, what "story" they bring to their life, and after we discover what REALLY drives their thoughts and needs. 

There are 10 major leverages could work well for riders. And another "who knows how many" that will have the opposite affect and  sabotage them in the ring!

In my coaching, we will design and test out many different leverages that this rider can use. For example, we may uncover for a child that they care more about their parents being proud. Or perhaps a rider is motivated by the social benefits of performing well for the team.

Or maybe the rider is hard wired to be a "control freak," and they just feel more in control when they are doing well. Or maybe they are driven by an intense dislike of a competitor. 

We use whatever serves them best to move them forward, but the rider now has at their disposal many tools for leverages that they can use given the different scenarios they are facing in their riding and their life. 

Secondary Gains:

Got all that , but you still stuck? This may be because you don't want to let go of that identity, those beliefs, self-talk, values, and rules. The question I then ask if this; what are the secondary gains that you are receiving from not moving forward?

An example of this for a rider may be, in the case of a child, that they receive more attention if they are constantly struggling and needing more help. Or perhaps a rider loves the "high" of being in control of not winning.

Yup! If they can predict they can't do well in the ring and that keeps happening over and over ... now they are fulfilling their need for certainty and that makes them feel powerful and more in control of their lives!

Or maybe the rider doesn't like their trainer, and if their riding isn't improving, they have a better chance of their parents finding them a new one!

We HAVE to uncover the possible (it could be many) secondary gains that keeping riders from actually applying what it is that their trainers are trying to teach them!

Weight Loss & Rider Fitness:

A lot of people claim to know nutrition and strength conditioning, but the truth is, everyone is different. Again, it is about the pieces of the puzzle and the solutions have to be customized.

Not only did I develop complicated and serious biological and nutritional challenges as a child, which forced me to seek out the cutting edge answers from the top experts in the world, I was also blessed to have trained with former Mr. America (bodybuilder), John Defendis (Creator and CEO of Ultrafit), who is inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Weight Loss & Fitness Trainer.

No longer in Wellington, Florida, John trained the top equestrians when he was working in this area such as Olympian Robert Dover. 

All that being said, what good is a great trainer and work out plan if you can't stay disciplined to consistently execute the customized plans? How do you get yourself to show up and to apply all these success rituals if you can't make yourself do "what I'm supposed to do?"

How can you control the bad eating habits and the emotional reason that you eat the wrong foods?

That is what trips up most people in their lives. They know what to do ... they just don't do it.


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