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Product Team Teleseminar Coaching

VIP Team Membership Coaching:

1. Invest in your team! ($200 per month for each rider. Minimum 10 riders. Annual contract for up to 25 sessions. Trainer gets coaching for free.)

Bi-weekly group teleseminars for reviewing your competitions, learning new techniques and strategies, and performing strategic interventions.

2. Each rider gets access to my book Equestrian Rockstars: Solving Your Puzzle for Riding With Confidence and Joy! The Ultimate Guide for equestrians to ride with peak performance through my emotional strength and resiliency program which includes learning my process for the rider transformation.

3. Everyone receives "behind the scenes" actual case studies of powerful strategic interventions on audio, videos, and articles. New ones uploaded each month on team's portal.

4. See how I turn around a large variety of issues and problems that equestrians of all ages and levels have with their riding and their life! 

5. Trainer's private coaching calls. Get help for particular riders that are having issues.

6. Team portal on my website where articles, videos, and documents will be uploaded. Notes from teleseminar group coaching will be uploaded weekly.

Payment structure 2400.00 USD split into 12 payments of 200 USD every 30 days

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1st payment of 200.00 USD